October 25, 2011

“Over the Rainbow” in 50 First Dates

Here’s a clip from the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie 50 First Dates (which takes place and was filmed in Hawaii!) featuring “Over the Rainbow” in a sweet, romantic tone.

Do you know someone who played IZ at their wedding?

October 12, 2011

The beauty of Hawaii with IZ as the soundtrack

This week’s IZ clip is from the TV show, Aerial America, which explores the United States from a bird’s eye view. Get a glimpse of Hawaii’s scenic beauty that inspired IZ’s music!

For fans who don’t live in Hawaii, have you ever visited the islands? If so, what’s your favorite scenic lookout here?

October 06, 2011

Over the Rainbow in Spain

IZ continues his sweep across Europe! “Over the Rainbow” is quickly climbing the charts in Spain and is the #2 most downloaded single on iTunes there!!

Here’s a clip from Spain’s TELE 5, featuring “Over the Rainbow”!

October 06, 2011

IZ in Japanese magazine, Ukulele Time

IZ was recently featured in the Japanese magazine, Ukulele Time. Here’s all the articles for any Japanese speaking fans!

Click on the other images to check out the other articles!


October 04, 2011

IZ in Rice Krispies commercial

This clip features one of our favorite cereals, Rice Krispies! “Over the Rainbow” has been used in so many commercials that are aimed at children and young parents because of the gentleness and innocence of IZ’s voice. Do you listen to IZ with your kids? (He’s sure to calm them down!) Take a look at what Kelloggs did with this Rice Krispies commercial! What’s YOUR favorite cereal?