July 29, 2011

Over the Rainbow… in a card!

Someone’s birthday coming up? What better way to wish them a Happy Birthday than a card with IZ! This brand new Hallmark card not only features “Over the Rainbow“, but has a cute pop-up with glittery flowers and butterflies! Perfect for that cheerful person in your life! If flowers and butterflies aren’t what you’re looking [More…]

July 27, 2011

IZ #1 on UK iTunes!

Over the Rainbow is #1 on the UK’s World music charts on iTunes!

July 22, 2011

IZ’s Music Sweeping Across the World!

Aloha IZ fans! Sorry for the lack of posting recently, we’ve been very busy with new releases from other amazing Hawaiian music artists! But we wanted to let you know about the worldwide success of IZ’s music! Alone in IZ World has gone Gold in Belgium after reaching #1 on their radio and album sale [More…]